Catalyst your company

Catalyst your company

We are a new type of agile marketing agency driving growth and expansion.

At CATALYST we see marketing as a set of tools for growing your business. The tools, and disciplines, can be quite diverse depending on what stage of growth your business is in. With over decades of experience, we are well-versed in how marketing can support a company at every point of a growth curve. We place a highly experienced marketer in your company for the fraction of the cost of employing one. The in- house marketer will plan, drive, manage, coordinate, and implement all marketing activities, and act as a bridge between sales and operation, setting the right strategies based on deep insights into your multi-faceted business needs and assets.

Marketing has undergone a massive journey in the past ten years. It is now a multi-disciplinary area that encompasses sales, PR, business development, communications, design, media, and psychology.

CATALYST helps brands and companies grow by being equally at home in the board room as well as in the studio.  We work as your marketing provider, or together with your agency partners and marketing teams, upskilling your marketing efforts on a continuous basis, short or long-term.

If you need us to come in to set strategies that your team can run with, we’re here to help to provide you with whatever is needed to be a catalyst in bringing your marketing to the next level in your competitive market.

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