We are Marketers
helping companies grow.

Driving growth and expansion through Marketing, Sales and Business Development.

We are a new type of agile marketing agency, working closely with our clients and their partners to bring a full set of Marketing, Sales and Business Development skills, without the heavy costs of multiple agencies and consultants. We help gather internal knowledge and translate these into insightful and engaging solutions that boost a companies’ existing business processes, refresh and build their brand and arm sales teams with the tools they need to engage new customers enter new markets and expand their offering.

We’re here to inject insightful, authentic and creative solutions to companies that realise they need new ways of thinking and communicating to grow the business.

Who hires us


As highly skilled Marketers, we support, guide and provide strategies for our clients, who are mostly business, sales and marketing decision-makers for SME’s (small to medium-sized companies), team leaders in brand, design and marketing for larger organisations, or ambitious individuals who have a keen eye on delivering transformation and growth for their companies or their own careers.


We work from within your business as one of your team, meaning our efforts are always relevant and tailored to your business and always help you engage internal and external resources exactly where and when they are needed, leaving you free to do what you are good at.

Why hire us


Our focus is to help companies grow, and we have the ideal mix of expertise but without the overheads, meaning our clients receive the most cost-effective support. We’re small enough to be reactive and flexible working closely with internal teams and have a large network of experts to support our clients across all areas of marketing. 


Short-term or long-term – whether we help create a new brand position to add new customers or break into new markets, clarify messaging for more effective sales, or simply coach marketing teams and help them create a new digital marketing strategy: our support will help clarify offerings, build on strengths and generate added value. Simply put, we help our clients to stand out from the competition.

Cherry-picking creative resources


Catalyst Marketing has extensive experience in directing agency partners, but we also know how to engage top-level creatives to ensure the highest quality delivery of projects without unnecessary overheads.  We have an international network of freelance creatives that includes communications strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, industrial designers, illustrators and filmmakers – all who have worked with some of the world’s most successful brands in all types of sectors.

Acting as your short-term or long-term catalyst
 will give you a stronger brand that’s approachable, raising awareness, that continues positioning you and that’s enhancing customers perceptions of you: building your brand value.

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